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We build products with right amount of focus on quality, so that your products get shipped on time.

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Start working with Exosoft that can provide everything you need to develop awesome products and services.

Web Apps

We create web applications that are well-designed and interactive, customised to suit your business needs. These apps are designed to run faster and connect with users, resulting in a great web interface.

Web Scrapping

We specialise in building custom crawl clusters that simultaneously crawl through large volumes of data from multiple sources, retrieving usable data more efficiently while breaking free of scaling constraints.

Test Automation

CI/CD-integrated test automations can maintain system health with end-to-end testing and specifications, performance, regression and environment configuration validation.

Cloud Solutions

Due to ever increasing computational demands relaying on a single server feels too old school. Services developed on cloud infrastructure can provide high availability with low maintenance cost.


To accelerate the efficiency of your team by operationalizing and automating SDLC, we use DevOps. By which we can dramatically decrease time-to-market while retaining the code quality.

Quality Assurance

We have quality assurance checks built into every step of the process, ensuring your product functions well and meets our quality standard without breaking the deadlines.

How do we works ?

our process

The development of classic waterfall (plan-driven) remains a reliable approach for coping with a well-defined project scope. But, modern products and services requires more flexible development approach. So at Exosoft we uses agile methodology where versatility can lead to much more productive results.

We can give our clients many advantages through agile methodology, some of which are described below:

  • Increase ability to manage changing priorities
  • Better visibility into projects
  • More alignment between business and IT
  • Faster time to market